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"So much of what we do is ephemeral and quickly forgotten, even by ourselves, so it's gratifying to have something you have done linger in people's memories."
John Williams (Artist)


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
A beautiful Mind Theme James Horner
American Beauty Main-Theme Thomas Newman
American Gangster Theme Marc Streitenfeld
American Gigolo Call me Giorgio Moroder, Blondie
The Seduction James Last
Amistad Dry Your Tears, Africa John Williams
Amityville Horror, The Main-Theme Lalo Schifrin
Apokalypse Now Ride Of The Valkyries Carmine Coppola
The End The Doors
Appaloosa Main-Theme Jeff Beal
Armageddon Main-Themes Trevor Rabin
Artificial Intelligence Where Dreams Are Born John Williams
Australia Theme David Hirschfelder


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Back to the future Main-Theme Alan Silvestri
Band of Brothers Theme song Michael Kamen
Batman Begins Hans Zimmer
Beverly Hills Cop Axel F Harold Faltermeyer
Big Chill, The You can't always get what you want The Rolling Stones
Big Country, The Main-Theme Jerome Moross
Big Fish End-Titles Danny Elfman
Billy the Kid final theme Bob Dylan
Black Hawk Down Leave No Man Behind Hans Zimmer
Gortoz a Rain Hans Zimmer
Black Rain I'll Be Holding Gregg Allman,Hans Zimmer feat. Ridley Scotts
Blade Runner Love-Theme Vangelis
End Theme Vangelis
Blood Diamond London James Newton Howard
Blow-Up Movietheme Herbie Hancock
Blues Brothers, The Everybody Needs Somebody to Love The Blues Brothers (J. Belushi, D. Aykroyd)
Minnie The Moocher Cab Calloway
Body Heat Main-Theme John Barry
Boogie Nights Livin' Thing ELO
Boomerang Boomerang Marcus Miller
Boondock Saints (Der Blutige Pfad Gottes) The Blood of chulainn Mychael Danna feat. The Boondock Saints
Boot, Das Main-Theme Klaus Doldinger
Born on the Fourth of July Theme JOhn Williams
Bourne Identity, The Ready Steady Go Paul Oakenfold
Bourne Ultimatum, The Extreme Ways Moby
Brazil The office-Theme Michael Kamen
Brokeback Mountain The Wings Soundtrack of Brokeback Mountain Gustavo Santaolalla
Broken Arrow Main-Theme Hans Zimmer
Brücke am Kwai, Die Medley Colonel Bogey March Malcolm Arnold
Bullitt Intro Lalo Schifrin


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Candyman Theme Philip Glass
Carlito's Way Back Stabbers The O'Jays
Casino Mathaus Passion J.S. Bach
Heart of Stone The Rolling Stones
Children of the Corn Theme Stephen Edwards
Chronicles of Narnia, The Take Me Away Harry Gregson-Williams
Cincinnati Kid, The Main-Theme Lalo Schifrin
City of Angels Iris Goo Goo Dolls
Client, The Reggie's Theme Howard Shore
Cotton, Club Minnie The Moocher John Barry
Crimson Tide Main-Theme Hans Zimmer
Cry Freedom Biko Peter Gabriel


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Dances with Wolfes Theme John Barry
Dark night, The Main-Theme Hans Zimmer
Days of thunder Show me heaven Maria McKee
Dead Poets Society Keating's Triumph Maurice Jarre
Departed (Unter Feinden) I'm Shipping Up To Boston Dropkick Murphys
Departed, The Cops or Criminals Howard Shore
Desperado Canción Del Mariachi Antonio Banderas y Los Lobos
Devil's Own, The God Be With You The Cranberries
Dirty Harry Main-Theme Lalo Schifrin
Doctor Zhivago (2002) Laras Theme Ludovico Einaudi
Dollars (Der Millionenraub) Money Runner Quincy Jones
Donnie Brasco Don't bring me down ELO
Donnie Darko Mad World Gary Jules


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Eat the Rich Eat the Rich Motorhead
Edward Scissorhands Theme from Edward Danny Elfman
Eiskalte Engel Colorblind Counting Crows
Enter the Dragon Main-Theme Lalo Schifrin
Erin Brokovich Miss Wichita Lalo Schifrin
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Everybody's gotta learn sometimes Beck
E.T. - Der Außerirdische Main-Theme John Williams
Exorcist, The Tubular bells Mike Oldfield


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Fargo North-Dakota Carter Burwell
Fight Club Where is my Mind PIXIES
This Is Your Life The Dust Brothers
Firm, The Main-Theme Dave Grusin
For a few Dollars more Main-Theme Ennio Morricone
Theme Ennio Morricone
Forrest Gump Suite from Forrest Gump Alan Silvestri
Fountain, The Stay With Me Clint Mansel
Frantic Main-Theme Ennio Morricone
From Dusk till dawn Um Drink no Inferno Graeme Revell
From Hell In Memoriam Trevor Jones
Full Metal Jacket Surfin' Bird The Trashmen
These Boots Are Made For Walking Nancy Sinatra


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Getaway, The You've Got It Bad Girl Quincy Jones
Gandhi Discovery of India Ravi Shankar
Ghostbusters Ghostbusters Ray Parker Jr
Gladiator Now we are free John Williams
Glory Theme James Horner
Glorreichen Sieben, Die Magnificent Seven Theme Elmer Bernstein
Godfather, The Main-Theme Nino Rota
Gone in 60 Seconds Flower Trevor Rabin feat. Moby
Goodbye Lenin Main-Theme Yann Tiersen
Goodfellas Jump into the fire Harry Nilson
Graduate, The (Reifeprüfung) The sounds of silence simon & garfunkel
Great Escape, The The Great Escape March Elmer Bernstein
Gremlins Gremlin Rag Jerry Goldsmith
Gutterballs Just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in) Kenny Rogers & First Edition


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Hallelujah Trail, The Main-Themes Elmer Bernstein
Halloween Theme Song John Carpenter
Home Allone - Keffin allein zu Hause :o) Theme John Williams
House of Flying Daggers Lovers Shigeru Umebayashi
House of Spirits, The Main-Themes Hans Zimmer
Hunt for Red October, The Hymn to Red October Basil Poledouris


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
I Am Legend Theme James Newton Howard
My name is Robert Neville James Newton Howard
Illusionist, The Main-Theme Philip Glass
Indecent Proposal Main-Theme John Barry
Indiana Jones The last Crusade John Williams
Inland Empire What love does David Lynch
In the Heat of the Night It sure is Groovy Quincy Jones
In the Mood for Love Yumeji's Theme Michael Galasso, Shigeru Umebayash
Into the wild Guaranteed Eddie Vedder
Island, The Main-Theme Steve Jablonsky
It Pennywise the Clown Richard Bellis
Italian Job, The Turin Car Chase Quincy Jones


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
James Bond - 007 You know my Name Chris Cornell
A view to a Kill Duran Duran
From Russia with Love Matt Monroe
On her Majesty's Secret Service John Barry
Goldfinger John Barry, Shirley Bassey
Diamonds Are Forever John Barry, Shirley Bassey
The Living Daylights John Barry, a-ha
Golden Eye John Barry, Tina Turner
Judgment Night Disorder Slayer & Ice-T
Jurassic Park Main-Theme John Williams


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Kill Bill Whistle Song The RZA
Don't let me be MisUnderstood .. Santana
Kill Bill 2 Malaguena Salerosa Chingon
King Arthur Main-Theme Hans Zimmer
Koyaanisqatsi Koyaanisqatsi Philipp Glass


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
L.A. Confidential Theme Jerry Goldsmith
Last Man standing Theme Ry Cooder
Sanctuary Ry Cooder
Last of Mohicans, The The last Mohican Trevor Jones
Lawrence of Arabia Overture Maurice Jarre
Letters From Iwo Jima Theme Kyle Eastwood, Michael Stevens
Léon – Der Profi Ballad For Mathilda Éric Serra
Lion King Circle of Life Elton John
Lily was here Lily was here David A. Stewart, Candy Dulfer
Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring Howard Shore
Lord of War Warlord Antonio Pinto
For What It's Worth Buffalo Springfield
Lost Boys, The Cry LIttle Sister G Tom Mac
Louis und seine außerirdischen Kohlköpfe La Soupe aux choux Raymond Lefèvre


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Madagascar Zoosters Breakout Hans Zimmer
Man on Fire Extreme Ways Moby
Matrix Main-Theme Don Davis
Meet Joe Black Someone Else Thomas Newman
Midnight Cowboy Theme John Barry
Midnight Express Chase Giorgio Moroder
Miss Marple Main-Theme Ron Goodwin
Mission Impossible 2 Nyah Hans Zimmer
Take a Look around Hans Zimmer, featuring Heitor Pereira
Mission, The Main-Themes Ennio Morricone
More Cymbaline Pink Floyd
Main-Themes Pink Floyd
Mortal Kombat Original Theme George S. Clinton
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Mondo Bongo Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros
Mulholland Drive - Straße der Finsternis Ending Angelo Badalamenti
My Name is Nobody theme song Ennio Morricone


Movie Movie-Score/ Soundtrack Artist
Natural Born Killers Waiting For Miracle Leonard Cohen
Neverending Story, The Bastians happy flight Klaus Doldinger


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
O Brother where art thou O Brother The soggy bottom boys
Oceans Eleven A little less conservation David Holmes
Oceans Twelve Crepuscolo Sul Mare David Holmes
Oldboy The Last Waltz Cho Young-wuk
Old School Total Eclipse of the heart The Dan Band
Once Upon a Time in America (Es war einmal in Amerika) Cockey's Song Ennio Morricone
Once Upon a Time in the West /C’era una volta il West Theme Ennio Morricone
Man with Harmonica Ennio Morricone
Chayenne Ennio Morricone
Once Upon a Time in Mexiko Pistolero Robert Rodriguez feat. Antonio Banderas
Out of Africa Main-Theme John Barry


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Papillon Catching Butterflies / Gift from the Sea Jerry Goldsmith
Party, The (Der Partyschreck) Nothing to lose Claudine Longet
Patriot, The Theme John Williams
Patton - Rebell in Uniform Theme Jerry Goldsmith
Pearl Habor Jorney to the Line Hans Zimmer
Perfect Storm, The (Der Sturm) Yours Forever John Mettencamp
Philadelphia The streets of Philadelphia Bruce Springsteen
Pink Panther, The Main Title Henry Mancini
Poltergeist Theme Jerry Goldsmith
Platoon Main-Theme Samuel Barber
Professionnel, Le Chi Mai Ennio Morricone
Pulp Fiction Bullwinkle, Part II The Centurians


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Quigley down under The attack Basil Poledouris
Main-Theme Basil Poledouris


Movie Movie-Score / Soundtrack Artist
Rain Man On the road Hans Zimmer
Requiem for Dream Main-Theme Clint Mansell
Reservoir Dogs Stuck In The Middle With You Stealers Wheel
Intro Stealers Wheel
Road to Perdition Rock Island Thomas Newman
Rock, The - (Navy Seals) Navy Seals Theme Nick Glennie-Smith, Hans Zimmer, Harry Gresson-Williams
RocknRolla I'm a Man Black strobe
Rosemary's Baby Title-Song Krzysztof Komeda
Royal Tenenbaums Needle in the Hay Elliot Smith


Movie Movie-Score/ Soundtrack Artist
Scarface Gina's And Elvira's Theme Giorgio Moroder
Rush, Rush, give me Yeyo Giorgio Moroder
Schindler's List Main-Theme John Williams
Schweigen der Lämmer Goodbye horses Q Lazzarus
Secret Of My Success, The Oh yeah Yello
Se7en Intro Howard Shore
Shaft Theme from Shaft Isaac Hayes
Shawshank Redemption, The (Die Verurteilten) End Title Thomas Newman
Brooks was Here Thomas Newman
Shocker Shocker William Goldstein
Sie nannten ihn Mücke Bulldozer Guido de Angelis, Maurizio de Angelis
Sin City Cells The Servant
Singles Seasons Chris Cornell
Sister Act I Will Follow Him Finale-Song Marc Shaiman
Slumdog Millionaire Latika's Theme A. R. Rahman feat.Suzanne D'Mello
Snatch Fucking in the Bushes Oasis
Sons of Katie Elder, The Intro-Theme Elmer Bernstein
Soul Bossa Nova Main-Theme Quincy Jones
Star Wars Rebel Blockade Runner John Williams
Across the Stars: Love-Theme John Williams
Sting, The (Der Clou) Main-Theme Scott Joplin


Movie Movie-Score/ Soundtrack Artist
Tank Girl Roads Portishead
Terminator, The Judgement Day Brad Fiedel
The Boat that Rocked All Day and all of the Night The Kinks
Judy In Disguise John Fred and His Playboy Band
Let's dance David Bowie
Thelma & Louise Main-Theme Hans Zimmer
They call me Mr. Tibbs Main-Theme Quincy Jones
Thin Red Line (Der schmale Grat) Journey to the Line Hans Zimmer
Third Man, The Main-Theme Anton Karas
Thomas Crown Affair, The Windmills of Your Mind Michel Legrand, Noel Harrison
Titanic Hymn to the sea James Horner
Triple X Feuer-Frei Rammstein
True Romance Theme Rammstein
Twin Peaks Intro-Theme David Lynch, Mark Frost


Movie Movie-Score/ Soundtrack Artist
Unbreakable The Orange Man James Newton Howard
Untouchables, The The First Raid Ennio Morricone
Usual Suspects, The Theme John Ottman


Movie Movie-Score/ Soundtrack Artist
Van Helsing Theme Alan Silvestri
Village, The The Gravel Road James Newton Howard


Movie Movie-Score/ Soundtrack Artist
Wanted Success Montage Danny Elfman
Watchmen The End Is the Beginning Is the End The Smashing Pumpkins
Winnetou Winnetou-Meldoie Martin Böttcher
Old Shatterhand-Melodie Martin Böttcher


Movie Movie-Score/ Soundtrack Artist
Young Guns II Blaze of Glory Jon Bon Jovi


Movie Movie-Score/ Soundtrack Artist
Zwei glorreiche Halunken Ecstasy Of gold Ennio Morricone
Main-theme Ennio Morricone

0 - 300

Movie Movie-Score/ Soundtrack Artist
8 1/2 Theme Nino Rota
9 1/2 Wochen Feeling Eurythmics
12 Monkeys Theme Astor Piazzola
28 Days later In the house John Murphy
300 Main Theme Tyler Bates